Well it's been a year in the making, but we have finally installed the LEED Wall display for the new Mirabella building in South Waterfront. I was hired by Ankrom Moisan Architects to design and develop a 21 foot long display that explains how the building achieved it LEED Platinum Certification. The wall uses illustrations and text to depict the four categories of LEED efficiency: water, energy, air and materials. The final piece was created from digitally printed cherry wood panels with CNC lettering and laser cut illustration. Along with the wall display, I designed a self guided tour through the building, showing Mirabella's eco-friendly efforts in action. I will be getting professional photos soon, but for now enjoy these :)

Many thanks to Heidi McBride for connecting me with Wayne at Mirabella and the Ankrom Moisan team, Mason Yost for the word smithing, Meris Brown for her lovely illustrations, Sarah Runie for her precise electronic production, Gallagher Designs and Portland Vital Signs for producing and executing this massive, intricate piece and Miss Dru Ueltchi for project managing and helping over see production. It was a dream team to say the least.